Brand First! That’s the way Media 1 thinks. For us, a client and their brand are the cornerstones of all activities we design and deliver. That is exactly why we have a 360-degree approach that ranges from event planning to production and beyond. Our production and management plans become a voice of the brand and take the brand to the masses. Looking to produce a big event for the target audience, planning to reach out to your customer with an inventive message, thinking of designing an imaginative space? Wherever you are on your marketing decision matrix, Media 1 will always have a plan custom-made for you. Our capabilities extend from Corporate Event Planning to Design and Execution along with Branding, Event Production, Concert Design, Event Audio- Visual support, and Turnkey Interior Fit Outs.


"An event gives a launchpad for you and your brand to connect with the crowd. "

Media 1 are end-to-end event producers. Right from conceptualisation to post-event analysis, we ensure that the event is noticed and the brand leaves a mark. From local to the global stage, from launch parties to international conferences, with unconventional methods and out-of-the-box thinking Media 1 takes an offbeat approach to event production.

"Every event is special and every presence makes a difference."

Media 1 designs unique and highly functional exhibition stands that help your business stand out amidst the clutter. Our bespoke and clear-cut designs provide event-specific and brand-specific customised features for the exhibition stands that help your business make a difference. We also design multiple-use portable exhibition stands that can help you to take your business around the world with ease.



"Every event is an experience in itself. A brand needs to establish its name and reach out to a large target audience with an event."

There is a lot that goes into making an event successful. Event materials and properties are essential elements in this. Media 1 understands this need and provides event rental properties. We offer a huge array of products that include Audio-Visual rentals like LED Screens, Sound Systems, Projectors, Lighting Equipment etc., Event Furniture like Chairs, Sofas, Podiums, Tables, Tents, Crowd control barriers like Barricades, Stanchions, and Queue Managers, Portable kiosks, Standees, and Backdrops, Screens, and Inflatables. Our years of successful event production and management expertise help us expand our product lines for event rentals with the highest standard and superlative quality.

"Media 1 are talent scouts and event staffers. With the right talents, any event can be a shining success. "

Be it hostesses, promoters, marketing crew, models and on-stage program crew or technical staff like audiovisual and electrical technicians for events of any scale, we have a large talent pool for you. We provide short-term staffing for specific events. Our big bank of talented artists, marketing staff, and technical experts ensures that your event is never short of the right manpower.



"Marketing is a visual experience in modern times. "

Every brand has an identity and design that influences the customer. This visual identity is part of the physical existence of the business too. Media 1 realises this creative need and uses distinctive and inspiring thinking to design interior spaces for businesses that speak the brand language to the world. Our turnkey solutions involve ideation, concepts, architecture design, space planning, and fit-out works.

"Being “unique” helps your company and brand stand out among your peers and the competition."

Visual design is what catches the eye of the target market. The visual design concepts must be creative and also industry and market-specific. Media 1 expertise is in creating ingenious, innovative, customised, and apt creative concepts for events, promotional programs, and point-of-sale marketing initiatives. We combine unique design concepts with exceptionally high-quality production that leaves a lasting impression. Our expertise in this line extends from wall branding stickers to customised display stands. We design and develop event branding stickers, large posters, standees, event display stands, kiosk branding works, corporate gifts etc.